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This site is for the purpose of keeping you informed of the Los Angeles & Orange County Audiophile Society and it’s June AudioCon events.
The AudioCon event is on June 9th & 10th and replaces the void caused by the cancellation of the LAAS18.

The first of the events will be held at The Source AV Design Group in Torrance California. The Source AV will be exhibiting the same exact display McIntosh had intended for the LAAS18. Included in The Source AV’s exhibits will be McMasters for the consumer ( you must register for this exhibit), The McIntosh Clinic which will perform evaluation services on Amplifiers, Preamplifiers both Solid State & Tube ( you must register for this exhibit).

McIntosh will have product specialists on hand to show and talk about all the new wonderful components being released this year.

There will be food and beverages provided to those that attend.

We look forward to your participation!
To register for McMasters or the McIntosh Clinic, please contact Wayne at 310-534-9900 or wayne@thesourceav.com
Boomark this page and check back frequently. More info is coming soon!